Nothing Heroic ABout the Death of the Cops in Pangani?

Sometimes when you put pen to paper you do so knowing the kind of backlash you may earn. I listened to the talk show Jeff Koinange Live on KTN yesterday at night and it left me musing, what were the two cops doing in a terrorist car? Mwalimu Dida did a good job in helping me demarcate the boundary between Islam, terrorism, tribalism and lastly, being objective, even though it’s your community that suffers the impact of the security operation. Coincidentally, that was the subject of my posting on my blog yesterday.

My intelligent guess is that the two cops did not suspect the car was intended for terrorist acts, and I’m pretty sure there may have existed intelligence of an intended attack but not on the specificity of the car and the identity of the attackers. Otherwise the attackers would have been intercepted by a battalion of anti-terrorist cops, embedded in them a platoon of bomb diffusion experts, long before they tried overtaking on the wrong lane.

Now, it’s time to hypothesize, what I state henceforth herein remain allegations until hard facts are presented to support or nullify my hypothesis. This is where my thinking takes some shape, even though amorphous due to lack of hard evidence. Kenyan police have been known to solicit for bribes from motorists (I can provide hard evidence of that), and one way to avoid integrity house sniffing Labradors is to board the traffic offender’s car and solicit for a bribe in the safety of the victims’ vehicle through the kuna baridi technical  assault. I suspect that may have been the case.

The love for bribes is what possibly killed the two cops and not the honest commission of utumishi kwa wote. In short, chances are high the two cops were in the quest for chai moto because kuna baridi. Possibly a disagreement ensured on how big the cup of tea should be and the bargaining took a bad turn. When you refuse to part with a chunk of your wallet, you end up hijacked by cops to a police station where you are marooned via an OB and so wakubwa will deal with you. Let me pray this kind of buccaneering was not the actual case.

Off course, we now know the occupants were terrorists in the process of commissioning a crime. They have time schedules to observe and they , too, have superiors on their necks demanding that their performance contracts terms be achieved. This two buggers sense danger, knowing that a ride to the police station will create a failure of their mission. The irony is in the possibility that they were going to commit murder but found it morally haram to donate a cup of tea that was strongly brewed in their wallets. Now the lure of 72 virgins becomes too strong, and the cops are still pushing.

From Westgate, they now know what bravery means. Let’s stop fooling ourselves that these 72 virgin seekers are cowards. Mwalimu Dida says Lucifer is the unseen force, and I add, inside the car. As they approach the police station a half-loaf of bread is not bad, they can settle for some 32 individuals. This belief is due to wrong interpretations of the Holly Qur’an, and the boys in blue may be were doing the same with the Holly Bible just like their head boy. For them it is ask, and you will be given forgetting that you are condemned in reaping where you never sowed. How the negotiations end I do not know. I have no way of following up with respective ushers in the other world to know, I’m guessing they are quarrelling and none has realized they are not hungry or time is static them. But for sure I can never hypothesize beyond what I have empirically observed among the living. The dead should wait; I will hypothesize more on them when I die.

Now at this juncture let me return to true facts. These virgin seekers are brave. We can’t fool ourselves that they committed a cowardly act. It takes bravery to face death. KDF soldiers willingly face death in defence of our nation. That is bravery. Yet, we condemn their opponents as cowardly for facing death. Hypocrisy. They willingly move about in a car rigged with explosives with a detonator pressed ready for release and explosion. They are very brave for the wrong reasons though, but brave. When we dismiss this as cowardly, we remain backstreet spectators in our guard and easily get caught off guard, again and again. How foolish! When recognize this savage bravery, we are psychologically prepared. We won’t go asking for a cup of tea because kuna baridi.

…Back to my hypothesizing. If the case in this theory is correct, I do not see even an iota of evidence to support the claim that the two cops died out of bravery. With contempt I state they died a stupid death. I summarize. One, I doubt the reason for taking the car to a police station was because it was rigged with explosives. Reason why I hold this theory more is the fact that any good reasoning cop would never ever board a car, with two goons in search of 72 virgins and willingly ask them to go to a police station. Two, remember the shoot to kill order is technically in force. So commandeering a vehicle full of virgin seekers who are suspected of being suicide bombers doesn’t add up.

Three, my hypothesis could be wrong.






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