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Classical Stupidity of All Kenyans as Blind Political Followers

Agwambo followers don’t believe he can be wrong. Uhuruto followers don’t believe they can be wrong. And history is but a record of events of a different time epoch, lessons are the same, players are the same in character but different in body, the setting the same, context is what is different. As Wanjiku what reasons do have to believe that your choice of the man you ascribe to is wrong? Do you believe your opposing camp could be having a point? That is my query to all Cordashians and Jubileeans plus Amanis and Tip tips . I have to include even the unknown or whatever Eagles and elephants in the political climate of Kenya.

One might say, so what the hell was Kalonzo doing for all the years he was within the government? So I question, what the hell was RAO doing? What about Uhuru? Mudavadi? Ruto? My verdict is simple, at that time they did what they thought was good for them or may be, may be to some fortunate extension, the country. They are no different now only that the stadia they used to play the ball games has made them wear different uniforms. The stadia have changed and players transferred to in different teams. Ronaldo will be Ronaldo whether in Real Madrid or Manchester United. Elections being the transfer windows. For the same old causes? History will be the judge.

On the other side Ruto is seen as disaster in waiting. My point is, what we think we know, may not be. What validity do we have to advance our opinions as factual? The answer is, many of you guys are blind to the fact that the positions you take have been doctored and engineered by the leaders, regardless of what side you are. If we could dialogue with supreme reason in our own selves, you will be able to decipher the fallacies Uhuru feeds u to get your unfettered support. On the other side, If we could dialogue with supreme reason in our own selves, you will be able to decipher the fallacies RAO feeds u to get your unfettered support

My opinion, all leaders are the same rotten eggs, we need another sweeping change across the political platform. New players with ideologies of diverse nature but with unity of purpose to the goals of national unity and developmental growth.

So my dear Kenyans, you as the common man who keeps on complaining that leaders are the ones who make you fight at the grassroots as they exchange pleasantries at the top, aren’t you the greater fool? You are stuck with your political demigods. You only abhor to the fullest they that you hate without reason. Or admire them with religious fervent that you love without asking yourselves, “can he/she be dead wrong?”. You are the silly creatures. Let the leaders have their fill as you complain with your brainless minds. Minds? Minds ought to think. reason, explore and discover the truth by itself. You should not be fed de facto truth by the political class and applaud it as heralding Gospel truth. De Facto truth is a potential recipe for outrageous falsehood

Kudos to the political class. What else matters? The fox has had his kill, but the rabbits are congregating. Now the hyenas will come, and by the end of the day, wild dogs are coming in, because they do not know how big the meat size is They think it was enough for two, or a million of them, the rabbits will soon start fighting. The rabbits are the common voters.

Kenyan Wanjikus, Cheronos, Nanjalas, Denas, Fatumas, Adhiambos et cetera, you are the fools. You actually deserve the suffering you undergo as a nation. But if you learn, and use your heads in the correct manner, liberty is all yours.