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Mania or Phobia, Jubilee are messing their own campaigns

I do not understand why Raila phobia is still a strong factor for Central Kenya decisions in voting. If I may speculate, there may be a clique of Central Kenyan politicians who may have amassed wealth through some very dubious means and are afraid that the ascension of Raila to State House will spell doom to their ‘economic’ boom tenderpreneurship through looting and thuggery of public property and resources will come to an end. I do not understand why some wanjiku level voters are worried that if Raila loses will he concede defeat?

Let me go the other way round. Why should a Luo or Luhya voter be worried that if Uhuru loses will he concede defeat? The answer lies in the way we have built our democratic institutions in the country. A flawed election process that sees either camp lose will not augur well with the opposing camp. So that brings me to my question, which of the two camps has prepared their followers to accept defeat if fairly beaten? How are the camps prepared to handle unfair defeat and stick by court rulings even if it is unpalatable to them?

Therein is my speculation. Uhuru’s camp that has its origin in 2007 debacles or fiascos of election has never tasted defeat. The Mt Kenya region leaders have built a wrong mentality in a number of their followers that any win that does not see ‘one of their own’ at state house simply means the devil has perched there. This may be denying Kenya as a nation the desired leaders who can bring sweeping and meaningful reforms in all the social, economic, cultural and political institutions of the land.

Secondly, it limits the Mt Kenya voters a chance to positively identify, critique or even criticize leadership ideologies in their own backyard leading to redundancy in democratic development in that region. In Western Kenya such ability to look outside the box made Mudavadi a loser in his own backyard of Vihiga Sub County in 2013 elections. Has this ever happened in Central Kenya? Historians will fill me on that, hopefully people like Dr “Baghdad of Kenyatta University will be more than willing to research and fill in the gap

The Raila phobia in Central Kenya in my own view is a demonstration of leadership change apathy, inadvertently created by the political shenanigans in that region, that seeks to demonize Raila and Christianize Uhuru. Unfortunately this tactic, in my view seems to be backfiring in other parts of the country. The communities at the coast view Raila as the messiah they are waiting to deliver them from the manacles of exclusivist nature of the current government. The people of Western Kenya seek to redeem themselves from the perceived neglect of key economic concerns in the region such as Pan Paper Mills and Mumias Sugar Company.

Nyanza definitely has a feeling of alienation from any meaningful development plans orchestrated by previous government regimes. So let us face it, each region in Kenya has complains that warrant Jubilee to carefully revisit their message. From Ukambani to Meru, Maasai to Kisii, Teso to Somalis, they all have issues with Jubilee grand scheme of sugar coating corruption, nepotism, tribalism amongst many other issues. When Raila was busy exposing grand corruption after another, Uhuruto slept on the job and gave him the impetus to become a colossal opposition figure in the country, because each claim he made of grand corruption came to pass. The question I ask why cant he be prosecuted for peddling rumors of grand corruption?

Furtherance to the above, Raila has not been in the government since the retirement of Mwai Kibaki. Uhuru has made some serious claims such as Raila being behind Westgate Attack, that he is the one running underground cartels that drain this country’s economic resources to the dogs. The question that begs an answer is, being the incumbent president, with all the powers vested to his office, what has he done to punish this rogue opposition leader? The answer is “mnataka nifanye nini?.” In my view, that was not a serious president. He has the control of NIS that can unearth evidence and send this “Raila thug” fellow behind the bars for eternity depending on the evidence.

When I listen to people like Moses Kuria talking, he only appeals to hardcore central Kenya voters but ends up making many voters in other parts of the country shy away from Uhuru. Claims that the opposition is only out to undermine the central government is a big joke. I was not surprised that when he was in a road campaign caravan in Cheptulu market, he was booed and told to shut down. It was pity to witness Bahati trying to appeal to the crown to listen to his song and the crowd demanded that they play “Raila tibim!” simply because Kuria was spotted and they didn’t want to hear lies about Raila.

It is intriguing to witness politicians (some even from NASA) fail to take an objective stand and instead engage Jubilee affiliated politicians in this mediocrity. I was appalled by the obvious blatant lies that emanated from Isaac Mwaura in one of KTN’s talk shows “Morning Express” recently, one could not miss the viciousness of Milly Adhiambo’s response to Mwaura. That is how politicians have built an impenetrable wall around their supporters thinking that blurs them from objectively analyzing issues. So Jubilee should blame itself for the mess it has found itself all over the country.

And this is my warning, Jubilee should stop pretending that it enjoys big support in many of the key swing counties. That may be a delusion to rigging. NASA should follow suit, and assure Kenyans of the same. But so far, many of their politicians try to stick to the topic at hand during talk shows, but for Jubilee, when cornered they start the Raila Squared mathematical song that has no answer. Pull up your socks from that mediocrity in advancing your agenda Jubilee. For NASA politicians who are following this trend please stop it, and abhor that with great vengeance.


Dubious Independent Candidates: Kenya in August 8th 2017

Politics can be a game of silent killers. In Kenya, there is a new breed of politicians coming to the fore due to the nature of the new Katiba. They are called the independent candidates. I guess you are familiar with the rule that if one finds that the philosophies of a given party are not palatable to their ideologies, then they can opt out joining the parties and run for elective posts as independent candidates.

It is now incumbent upon my mind that independent candidates are a mysterious bunch of political hang-coats (but not all of them). The term independent candidate in my mind conjures an image of a person who is not affiliated to any political party in terms of membership, association, or ideology. That is just a rough shod definition, but suffice is to say, independent candidates should not be backed by any political party machinery neither should they align themselves to any in whatever manner.

The description above is for the pure independent candidates who considered running for elective posts long before the 90 day window period of registering as one lapsed. These are the men and women who looked at the elections, let me say six months before the elections, and decided that the vile ideologies of NASA and Jubilee parties were not in tandem with their principles and beliefs in exercising their political freedom.

This are the gentlemen and ladies who subdued the very desire to be affiliated to any political fraternity masquerading as political parties out to sale their agendas to the populace in return for a promise of a vote.

And that is where the story ends with the original independent candidates.

The rest emerged after the political party primaries were concluded. They were the victims of the electorate irked to do away with their manifestos and bludgeoning promises of a harvest of goody goodies in case they get elected or for incumbents, what they have so far failed miserably to deliver. Among this group are those by all means so fair ethically and morally could not carry the day for them.

After the party primaries, having been so gracefully rejected, they conspired with the loopholes of the law and saw another option that seemed lucrative for them. The lure of independent candidacy… Within this group, they proclaim to the mountains and the voters that they were unfairly rigged out but will support the either Uhuru Mugai Kenyatta or Raila Amollo Odinga.

Seriously, do you call this bunch of political nomads independent candidates? Stock within this warehouse includes the names of William Kabogo and Achillo Ayacko. These were Jubilee and NASA failures in their party primaries en mass, the rejected lot whose manifestos were invalidated at the party primaries. There is no way this two can certify the general rule and loose defining terms of independent candidates.

They are the hang-coats who are assured that by supporting the political supremos who command the fortunes of votes in their political storms, they stand a chance opf redemption at the ballot casting scheduled for August 8th of this year. How then will someone convince me that they are non-partisan politicians who are out to redeem themselves as independent candidates with their obvious non-partisan politics?

The third bunches of independent candidates are the spoilers. They are operating on someone else budget and hence stand to lose nothing. If anything they have everything to gain. Their masters may have sensed a rough time in the coming turbulent political storms brewing towards the coastline of August. Knowing too well that sheltered enclaves are so few, they secure the services of independent candidates to they can claim some crumbs or chunks of bread from their opponent’s strongholds.

I may not have the facts but they are the ones who may have been bought to stand as presidential candidates from Western Kenya to scuttle the Luhya votes in favor of Jubilee, another one is from Embu who is running as a presidential candidate, may be at the behest of NASA to the detriment of Jubilee.

The last bunches of independent candidates are the idiots. This single group of the independent candidates is aware they have no fortunes at all in their candidacy. I consider Phillip Murgor as one of them had he not shelved his plans to run as a presidential candidate. They know too well lady fortune will not smile at them, they have no political mechanization and they are greenhorns in the dirty political games in which they are foraying.