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Promise Me Hell and Deliver Me to Heaven NASA.

My supposition is that there are a lot of other Kenyans who have a mind like mine to matters politics in Kenya. When in 2012 team Uhuruto promised a bountiful of heavenly goodies to the Kenya electorate to the chagrin of the truth. The lies were taken at face value but had no meaning at all in the face of reality.

Fast track to the current moment. This team Jubilee has been in office for four good years, they have delivered something, one cannot say nothing, for the mere fact the country in intact is something. But what else?

I want NASA to promise me hell, that it will not be business of development anymore, that is a language I don’t fancy because it is meaningless when corruption is systemic and endemic in our collective thinking and national culture. I want a promise where I will be denied employment on account of meritocracy and not nepotism. I want a promise that will see me toil to earn a position because I deserve and not because I have a tall brother in the system. That is the promise I want from NASA.

I desire to be comforted that my child’s future is secured by the goodwill of today and not the greed of the jungle masters. This country must advance on the basis of prudent borrowing and not to please the masses with mega white elephant projects but construction of a village dam that actually conserves water. In the daily struggles of my life, I desire “not to own the future but to borrow the present” from my future grandchildren. I voice the concern that we must conserve our resources for posterity and not simply because we yearn for today’s vote.

Dear fellow Kenyans, we must have a dream to end corruption and not to entrench it further by saying graft is a norm that can never be eradicated. With that, we must stop “embezzlement of public resources for our own private embellishment” which is the promise I yearn from NASA. I don’t want a promise of devolving resources under the banner of devolution but devolve power to the devolved units and help them resolve corruption issues with speed and ease. Do not promise me to arrest the corrupt but keep quite and let me see the big lions of corruption land in jail together with the small cats that work for them. That is the promise I want NASA

I want to see a leadership of respect to authority of government systems and not those who trample on it. I want to see a government where decisions made by you will be not be challenged for their constitutionality every now and then as you seek to bend the supremacy and the spirit of the constitution to suit your needs. I want to believe that once in power the rule of law shall be upheld and aspect of constitutionalism propagated. That is the promise I want.

Do not promise salary rises every labor day, no, in fact promise no salary increment but deliver to me a lowered cost of living, that will be a better promise. Promise me that I will get lower wages as you seek to attract more investors so that more can get job opportunities and not a million jobs every year when less than 3 million Kenyans remain employed in all the last four years. Please do not promise me heaven, if you do that, I will rather vote Jubilee because they have the heaven they promised but no astronauts to collect the goody goodies. Promise me hell and a better future, that is the promise I want.

NASA if you promise me heaven, then let me vote Jubilee. Promise the reality of tough times but a secured future in the long term. Copy Winston Churchill, former British PM during the 2nd World War, he promised the British people “Blood, Sweat and Toil” as the price of their liberation from German blitzkrieg, and the promise was delivered with the end of 2nd WW.That is the promise I want, a promise tough measures and no immediate gains but securing a better future. That is a promise I want, and an honest word from you, NASA, that you will change the fortunes of Kenya for the better


Ole Lenku the ‘Intellectually’ Hopeless Policy Maker

The servant can be a bad reflection of the Master.  I envy Masters who are well portrayed by some mediocrity and they still keep the jokers in their king’s court. A time comes when the knights suddenly become court jesters in the courtyards of the palace kingdom. Ole Lenku has never been a knight, but suddenly he is a a jester who was given the sword of defence which he does not know how to hold, let alone see it. He can’t even identify it so how can he use it?

It is wrong for me to detest my fellow human, but I will not pretend to praise him, infact, I just wonder what the hell is he doing in national security organs if he can’t tell the policy and the basis of removing tinted car windows from private vehicles

This Ole Lenku never answered any query from Oguttu on KTN. He was intellectually an escapist who only satiated the immature minds of newborn babies with explanations of a cow for a bicycle. He just didn’t answer the question what policy guided the formulation of the decree that personal vehicles should not have tinted windows. If he is working for Uhuru, then he reflects his Master in bad light. Anyway, Ole Lenku is a Cabinet Circus to entertain yourself with his frivolous analysis and commenting on security matters. Rating? 1 out of 100. I secretly propose son of Ngengi Jonstone to fire him as CS (Cabinet Shenanigan).

Ole Lenku, stop being caught off-guard. You come to a studio to advance a government position that is a contradiction of the law. If you say that tinted windows are illegal, by the same logic, curtains and blinders in our private homes are illegal. Remove them, even from your own master bedroom in the name of fighting terrorists. It is only then you will appreciate the importance of your funny reasons which are not based on an iota of logic. Just why did Uhuru pick you up for that slot? You haven’t researched on the role and functions of your office a year down the lane?

Next time you appear on TV make sure you are armed with facts, reasons, logic name it. Make your mind sharper and be ultimately creative with answers. Lies are not bad, you can borrow a leaf from Uhuru. Like proclaiming you will not pay Anglo-Fleecing Ghost of debts when you are minister and making 720 degree turn and paying when you are master of cabinet secretaries. I hope you do not qualify to be described as a chicken-brained C.S.

My advise to you, don’t let Oguttu capture you in a null and void situation in a TV studio avoiding questions in the name of ‘what are you afraid of?” if you are not breaking the law by giving incorrect decrees to private car owners. Next time you say remove tinted windows from private cars, start with your bedroom and your official car as a beacon of guiding others the way. If you have to lie, lie, you will make another 720 degree u-turn with lesser impact than Anglo-Fleecing. Your master is bright, we don’t need fools in that drawer. I mean a draw/er/s in the wardroom of Kenyan power.